Visit Ann Arbor

If you’re into quaint streets, cool shops, tasty restaurants, trees cared for by vibrant academic culture, then look no further than the amazing little town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This cultured town is home to one of the nation’s most esteemed colleges, the University of Michigan. Every year, the air is fresh with new and open minds ready to learn and take on the world. It’s infectious – you might find yourself hanging out at one of the many book shops in town to learn a thing or two yourself! If you’re looking to visit this amazing college town, then you’ll probably want some pointers on what to go see. We’ve got your back on this – just read on for more information!


What to See

Big House

This stadium is home to one of the things the University of Michigan prides itself in the most – football. Every fall, thousands of die hard Wolverines fans gather here to sing “Hail to the Victors” and watch their team fight for victory and school pride. There have been some epic and historic games in this building; make sure that you catch one of them!

City as Campus

If you’re looking for the University of Michigan’s “campus,” then just look about you. You’ll find that there are university buildings scattered throughout the town. There are libraries, lecture halls, and laboratories on almost every corner of this small and charming city. Inside these structure, our nation’s future is slowly being shaped through elite level research and courses.

Getting a Bite

There are many amazing restaurants that populate the city of Ann Arbor. Here, you’ll be able to find Mediterranean, Japanese, and American fare within blocks of each other. You won’t have to travel very far to find a tasty bite that will keep you full until the next time you need to go out somewhere.