About Us

Hello again!

Thank you so much for accessing this web page on the internet. We hope that you have found all of the information about our service both informative and helpful. Of course, if you have any inquiries concerning either services or our website, please let us know by going to our contact page.

Getting Personal

It’s hard to trust businesses right off of the bat, even if they have a good track record. Just like learning how to trust a person, it takes time and learning of personal information to develop an opinion faith in a company. This page is dedicated to helping you learn a little bit more about us so that you can see that we care about you and your business here at Museum of Trees Service.

Below, we’ve included some pertinent information about how we got started and why we care about what we do in this business. Keep reading for the details!

Our Start

As the name of our company might suggest, we do have an affiliation with museums. Being located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, we’ve become intimately familiar with the numerous trees that populate the land in this area of the country. Our beginnings as a company actually started from helping run a lumber history museum in Portland, Oregon. From doing this work, we learned much about the heritage and legacy of doing this hard and rewarding work. Although the lumber industry is not what it once was, we’ve taken the techniques and spirit from those times to start a truly cutting edge tree service company in our region.

We’re excited at the prospect of working with you!