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Hello and welcome to our website! This is the online home of Museum of Trees Service. We exist to provide you with some of the finest jobs in arbor care in the Portland, Oregon area. We strive hard to give you a hundred and ten percent of our service to you.

The Museum Promise

We want you to be able to trust us. We want you to know that we mean business when we say that your trees and property (wherever it is, for example, Wilmington, Ann Arbor, or Wichita) are important to us. Because of this, we’ve made a commitment to our customers to provide you with the best tree job that they can possibly get. We also want you to be able to expect certain things from us when you order our services. We’ve listed these services below. Check them out!

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

We know that it can be tough to afford to get tree services done on your property. We work hard to make things more affordable for those who need tree care. As a result, you can expect that we’ll keep our prices low for you.

In addition to striving for cheap prices on tree service, we also try our best to be competitive with other companies in the area. For example, we do price matching! If you find a company that will do the same service for a cheaper price, let us know and we will do what we can to match that price. We want to work with you!

Years of Expertise

Many of the people who work on our staff are certified arborists who have been in the tree care business all of their lives. This means that you’ll be getting expert work from some of the best arborists in the trade (many of them have trained at tree service grand rapids or tree service Albuquerque). They’ve seen pretty much every scene with tree removals and branch trimmings, so you can be confident in the fact that they will handle anything that you need from them.

Friendly and Professional Services

We want you to feel at ease with us. We’re here to help you and work alongside you so that you can get those trees taken care of on your property. We believe that kind words and professionalism go a long way in this business. In our experience, it has. Many of our customers rave about how kind and awesome our staff is. Just check out what Sarah, a recent customer, had to say about a recent job she hired us for:

“Last month, there was a tree that was close to our house that was starting to rot. I knew it was time to get rid of the tree, so I started looking around and doing some research on local tree services. I found out about Museum of Trees from a friend and gave them a call. They were suer helpful with explaining all of the services to me and aided me in deciding which service was the right one for me. They showed up on time and took care of everything perfectly. I’m so satisfied with the work that they did and will definitely call them again for future services.”

6 Typical Accidents While Cutting Trees

Trees require a lot of tree trimming services together with pruning and maintenance work for its proper development. When a tree gets infected or dies, it must be cut down in order to avoid any adverse occurrences to human beings and neighboring structures. That is why it is best left to the experts who are well-equipped with the correct tools and the training needed for handling this vital job. That is why you must never ever choose to Do It Yourself procedures of tree pruning.

Below are employed a few of the most common mishaps that can occur when you are aiming to get rid of trees in your garden.

– Falls– This is one of the most typical kinds of tree accidents that might take place when you are attempting to get rid of it. The falls include falling from the roofing system or the ladder when aiming to access the branches from the tree or roofing system top. There is also a high chance that you fall off the tree if you are attempting to slash it down without utilizing it correctly.

– Being struck– The most common type of tree accident is being struck by a limb or a branch.

– Effect Injuries– In the case of failure of the devices like the malfunctioning of the container rope or the lift system, the individual trying to do away with the tree can be pinned versus another structure. This might trigger an awful injury.

– Electrocution– This is among the greatest risks involved in the process. At a time when the tree is planted near the overhead power lines, the wire might inadvertently touch the individual. The falling branch can also knock down any of the electrical wires, or anybody can step on it. This may cause a serious mishap that can have fatal effects on anyone.

– Amputations– Usage of heavy tools like chippers and power tools can, in fact, lead to the amputation of the entire arm, fingers, and hands. Either operator mistake or devices malfunction can give rise to this.

– Eye injuries– Chips of wood or sawdust have a tendency to enter into the eyes of the person doing the work. At the time of removing the branches, trunk or the whole tree there is a high possibility that the particles will go into the eyes of the person causing a corneal abrasion, cut or scratch to the eyes. These types of injuries can likewise be triggered by the sawdust flying out of the chipper at the time of getting rid of the branches.

The above are some of the most typical kinds of accidents that might be caused while doing tree stump removal. In order to avoid them, you need to constantly call the professionals.Why do you need to expose yourself to accidents? Hire a tree specialist for the job, visit treeservicecaremasters.com.